July 1, 2020

Worthy District Deputies
You are authorized to perform virtual Council Officer Installations (as needed).
Attached is the Supreme Council approved virtual installation procedures. Installation of Council Officers – VIRTUAL
Please notify me as to all installation ceremonies virtual or in person.
Vivat Jesus!

Daniel S. Vigil
State Deputy
NM Knights of Columbus

Worthy District Deputy,
I want to thank you once again for accepting the office of DD. I am sure working together we will make this a great year for our Church, our communities and our Order.
A couple quick items to begin the fraternal year.
Now would be a good time to call your council’s leadership and introduce/reintroduce yourselves to them.
In order to get the year started here are a few items we need to address ASAP.
Charity Raffle Tickets
The Charity Raffle Drawing is set for the State Officers Meeting July 10th, in Albuquerque. If it has not already been done you need to gather the tickets from your councils and we need to figure how to get them to our WSS Bernard Ela in Albuquerque or to me in Santa Fe. Mailing raffle tickets via the USPS is forbidden. Regional Director/DD Kerry Morley has arranged for a Brother Knight traveling between Las Cruces and Albuquerque to serve as a carrier. This is the type of solution we are looking for. If you find you are unable to get the tickets to our WSS or myself  before July 10, please let me or your Regional Director  know ASAP.
Changes to district number
While the councils contained within the districts have not changed, as we do every few years as the Order grows, we have renumber the districts. Now is a good time to inform the councils of this change.
Form 185 report of Officers
If a council has not filed already, their form 185 is now late. Work with your councils  to get this filed ASAP, with a copy to yourself and our WSEA Mike Ransom.
If you have a suspended council within your district please email me a completed form 185 indicating the council is suspended, I will sign and forward to supreme to have the council removed from the list of non reporting councils.
Form 365 report of Program Directors
The form 365 is not due until August 1st. Please encourage/assist your councils to complete this ASAP. The sooner we get this form filed from all councils the faster we can get down to business.
Name badges
The order for State name badges will be placed tomorrow. Due to the covid meeting restrictions, your badge will most likely be mailed to you at the address listed in the state directory. If your wife has not previously received a state badge and would like one, please let me know today. Be sure to include her full name as she wants it to appear on the badge.
DD Jewels
For those DDs that have not received your DD jewel, we are looking into how Supreme intends to handle distribution this year. Normally it would come to the SD first. I will let you know what I find out.
State Organizational Meeting
Please encourage your council’s leadership (officers and directors) to sign up now to attend the online meeting. The more information passed directly to the council, the less you will have to relay later. If you have not signed up for the meeting do so now.
District Organizational Meetings 
Following the State Org Meeting, all DD are required to hold a District Meeting. Now is the time to set the date, time and method of the meeting (in person location or virtual). Please let me know your prefered time and method. I would like to attend as many as possible. Again the more of your councils leadership that attends the state org meeting the easier/quicker your meeting will go.
DD Training
The DD Training will take place Saturday July 11th, 10 AM and will last about 2 hours.In order to reduce confusion I have not released the registration information for this event but will do so prior to July 11th.


I understand this is a lot to hit you with in the first few hours of the fraternal year, but once we complete this basic work, we can focus on making our state the best it can be. Please remember we are here to inspire, motivate and guide our councils to be the best that they can be. Your Regional Directors and I are here to assist you as needed.
Blessing to you and your families. Have a happy and safe fourth of July weekend!
Vivat Jesus!
Daniel S. Vigil
State Deputy
NM Knights of Columbus

Worthy State Deputy/State Program Director/ State Programs Directors,

A happy new Fraternal Year to all. I have been entrusted with the task of increasing membership and retaining the members and families we already have here in New Mexico. I can not possibly do this alone, much like each of you. Gentlemen, we are in this together. I thank each of you for stepping up in your respective positions because as a group working for a common cause, great blessings will happen here in the land of enchantment.
I am calling on each of you to help me promote the importance of membership and recruiting to our councils, while you are working within your programs. We are all pieces of a huge puzzle that, once be begin putting those pieces together, councils will become more active, excited, and engaged. When we build programs, increase membership, and keep the ones we got, each council will have a better opportunity to serve the Church, strengthen and evangelize our families within the parish, and better serve our local communities. Does this sound like Fr. McGivney’s vision?
As I go about my tasks as membership director, I will also be promoting each of your programs. I feel it is so important that we all do so because, without good solid programs for our councils to build on, membership and retention will suffer. Likewise, as you are working your programs, please remember to plug membership growth and development. More pieces of the puzzle. Can you imagine what will happen when we put the finial pieces of the puzzle together?
I am looking forward to what the good Lord has in store for us this year. I ask that we keep each other and our families in prayer. Let us also communicate effectively during the year.  I will always be available to answer questions or assist you, your home council, or any council within the state at any time (ok maybe not the middle of the night). Enough for now……….. Let us remember to go about our works according to His will and for His glory and not our own………God bless all………
Viva Cristo Rey!
Jimmy Beasley
NMSC Memb. Dir

June 23, 2020

A couple quick notes;
State Directories
Our WSEA Mike Ransom is putting together the state directories for the upcoming fraternal year. If you have not done so already, please verify your information and let him know it is correct.
Preceding Book
Additionally, Brother Mike has begun assembling the preceding book for the Organizational Meeting. Please get him your letters by July 1st to enable him time to finalize the book and distribute prior to the meeting.
State Newsletter
We will be bringing back the state newsletter, DD Frank Melo will be heading this effort up. In order to establish a “soft opening” the first issue is scheduled to be distributed at the end of July and will feature articles from your state officers. The following issue will be open to all state personnel. More on this in the future.
Organizational Meeting
The tentative schedule for the Org. Meeting is attached.
  • The State Officers will meet in person on Friday at Lamy Council in Albuquerque and on Saturday for Mass at St Anne Parish in Santa Fe.
  • DD training will take place online, Saturday.
  • Fraternal leader training will take place online, all fraternal leaders, GKs, FSs, Council Officers and Directors, are welcome and encouraged to attend the events Monday thru Thursday.
A sign up email will be distributed later this week.
Please give me a call if you have any questions.
Vivat Jesus!
Daniel S. Vigil
State Secretary/SDE
NM Knights of Columbus

June 15, 2020

Just a few quick notes from your State Secretary/SDE.
State Charity Raffle
The drawing for the State Charity Raffle will be held at the State Officer’s Meeting on July 10th. Please work with your DD to get your council’s ticket stubs and checks made out to “KofC, NMSC” to our WSS Elect Bernard Ela, prior to July 10th. You may drop them off at his office at
6300 Riverside Plaza Lane NW,
Suite 150
Albuquerque, NM 87120
For more information or questions, Brother Bernard can be reached at 505-331-4504 or elafamily@hotmail.com
Finish Strong
Reporting to Supreme
Supreme has set a deadline to file all reports and forms for this fraternal year. All forms and reports must be submitted prior to June 30th, 12:00 Noon eastern time, (10:00 AM New Mexico time). Let’s get them in early.
Online degrees
Supreme continues to host online degrees to help your council bring in new members and advance existing members. See the list below.
2020-21 State Executive Assistant 
Brother Mike Ransom will be serving as our SEA this coming fraternal year. He is currently working on the State Directory and needs your help. Please send him a copy of your councils forms 185 & 356 ASAP.  He can be reached at
NM-Knights@hotmail.com or 559-213-6502
Organizational Meeting
Due to the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic the New Mexico State Organizational Meeting will be held virtually this year. We have worked out a tentative schedule that will hopefully allow all fraternal leaders to participate this year.  More details to follow
Friday July 10, 6:30 PM State Officer’s Meeting
Saturday July 11, 10:00 AM, DD Training
subject to change
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM daily
Monday July 13, Opening Session
Tuesday, July 14, Membership and Ceremonials
Wednesday July 15, Service Programs and Fraternal Operations
Thursday July 16, Fraternal Benefits and Legal Briefing
Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings, I will touch base with you in a couple weeks.
Vivat Jesus!
Daniel S. Vigil
State Secretary/SDE